Joe Biden Explodes At Trump & Putin At Theater

According to NBC, during a fundraiser at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater on Broadway, President Joe Biden made a passionate speech, explaining his decision to run for re-election, emphasizing that he believes Donald Trump and his supporters are determined to undermine American democracy. He highlighted the threats faced by democracy, such as the emboldening of hate groups, book bans, and the fear of school shootings among children.



Biden’s address at the theater was a strong rebuke of Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, and former president, who is currently facing criminal charges related to his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election. The president accused Trump and his allies of cozying up to authoritarian figures and made it clear that he would not follow suit, stating, “I will not side with dictators like Putin.”

Furthermore, Biden stressed the importance of sending a resounding message that political violence in America is never acceptable, reiterating his commitment to defending and protecting democracy.

The fundraiser featured an array of prominent stars from Broadway, including Sara Bareilles, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Ben Platt, who came together in support of the president. Tickets for the event ranged from $250 to $7,500. Biden and First Lady Jill Biden also participated in a private fundraiser hosted by the Black Economic Alliance in Manhattan.

Biden’s choice of Broadway as the venue for his fundraiser allowed him to avoid the ongoing strikes in Hollywood by members of the Writers Guild of America and actors from SAG-AFTRA. These strikes have temporarily halted fundraising efforts in the entertainment industry.

The president’s fundraising strategy has been adjusted in response to these labor strikes, with advisers recommending that he avoid Los Angeles as long as the strikes persist. Despite the challenges posed by the strikes, Biden continues to focus on fundraising and ensuring he has the necessary resources for his re-election campaign.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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