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Joe Biden said it was still 2020 in a new video.

California Governor Gavin Newsom remains unwavering in his support for the Biden-Harris 2024 presidential ticket. During an Independence Day Democratic campaign event in Michigan, he candidly admitted that the presidential debate against former President Donald Trump “did not go as well” as President Joe Biden had hoped.

“I was asked and tasked by President Biden, proudly, to fly from California to Georgia to represent the campaign right after that debate,” Newsom told supporters at the Van Buren Dems BBQ for Biden-Harris in South Haven, Michigan. “I had a lot of talking points in mind, you may have noticed if you saw me, I didn’t bring them with me. And that’s to make the obvious point — things did not go as well as the campaign had hoped, and obviously did not go as well as President Biden had hoped.”

Despite rumors of running a “shadow campaign” to replace Biden, Newsom, along with 20 other Democratic governors, had a private meeting with Biden at the White House. Newsom praised Biden’s performance during the meeting, saying, “That was the Joe Biden I remember from two weeks ago. That was the Joe Biden that I remember from two years ago. That’s the Joe Biden that I’m looking forward to re-electing as President of the United States.”

The aim of the meeting was to consolidate support among the party’s top leaders and counter waning confidence in Biden’s candidacy. Democratic governors such as Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore, and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul were among those attending.

Newsom reiterated his commitment to Biden’s campaign, stating, “I believe in his character,” and mentioned that he would continue supporting Biden wherever and whenever asked. He is also scheduled to headline a Democratic campaign event in New Hampshire, a crucial swing state, further fueling speculation about his potential candidacy if Biden steps down.

After Biden’s underwhelming debate performance, Newsom assured reporters that he remained firmly behind the president. “I will never turn my back on President Biden,” he emphasized. “I don’t know a Democrat in my party that would do so. And especially after tonight, we have his back.”