Joe Biden Giving Secret Docs Back To Trump?

During a recent episode of Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters Primetime, host Jesse Watters took the opportunity to share his thoughts on the stunning news of former President Donald Trump’s indictment. Trump had disclosed on Thursday that he was facing a 37-count indictment as part of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation into his alleged retention of classified documents under the Espionage Act, sending shockwaves through the political landscape.



On Friday, the sealed indictment was unveiled, revealing a staggering 37 counts, which ignited a frenzy among the news and political media and triggered a wave of outrage from Trump and his supporters. Amidst this chaos, Watters presented his own unique take on the matter, suggesting that President Joe Biden would eventually be compelled to return the confiscated documents to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

Drawing comparisons to past incidents involving presidential records, Watters referenced George H.W. Bush, whose records ended up in a strip mall between a Chinese restaurant and a bowling alley. He also mentioned Bill Clinton, who had documents stored in a car dealership in Little Rock, Arkansas, and George W. Bush, who stored his records in a warehouse in Texas. Barack Obama, too, had his records located in a defunct furniture store near a McDonald’s outlet. Watters contended that unlike these cases, Trump had faced a different treatment, with 30 FBI agents raiding his properties and invasive searches of personal belongings. He suggested that Trump’s legal team should have filed a motion earlier, arguing that these records are personal under the Presidential Records Act.

Looking ahead, Watters asserted that once the case concludes, Trump would have the grounds to demand the return of his personal documents to Mar-a-Lago. He highlighted that Mar-a-Lago, as the former office of the presidency, is funded by taxpayers and protected by the Secret Service, making it a suitable location for housing these records.

According to Watters, the overarching motive behind the indictment and the scrutiny on Trump is to prevent him from potentially defeating Biden in another election. He even cited a statement from Rachel Maddow, a prominent MSNBC host, who seemingly acknowledged this motive by questioning whether the issue at hand wasn’t just Trump committing crimes but also his intentions of returning to the White House. Watters speculated that a potential plea offer might involve Trump pleading guilty and agreeing not to run against Biden, thereby avoiding jail time.

WATTERS: George H.W. Bush’s records ended up in a strip mall between a Chinese restaurant and a bowling alley. Bill Clinton didn’t just have tapes in a sock drawer. He had docs in a car dealership in Little Rock. George W. Bush stored his in a warehouse in Texas, and Obama kept his at the defunct furniture store right across the street from Mickey D’s. 30 FBI agents didn’t show up to their doorsteps with guns. Their wives never had their underwear drawers rummaged through. Trump’s lawyer should have filed the motion last spring immediately, once he got a subpoena, and argued that these records are personal under the Presidential Records Act.

In fact, at the end of this case, President Trump will be able to argue for Joe Biden to return these personal documents back to Mar-a-Lago. Mar-a-Lago is where the former office of the presidency is, which is funded by taxpayers and protected by the Secret Service. Everybody knows this is all about stopping Trump before he can beat Biden in the election. Rachel Maddow straight-up admitted it.

MADDOW: Whether part of the issue here is not just that Trump has committed crimes, but that Trump has committed crimes and plans on being back in the White House. Do they consider as part of a potential plea offer something that would proscribe him, proscribe him from running for office again?

WATTERS: Plead guilty. Promise not to run against Biden and we won’t throw you in jail.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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