Joe Biden Goes Full ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ At…

The Biden administration and campaign are reportedly facing significant turmoil following President Joe Biden’s poor performance in his debate against former President Donald Trump. Axios reporter Alex Thompson has been providing detailed accounts of the low morale and disarray within Biden’s camp, with sources describing a grim outlook for the candidacy and presidency.



Biden’s attempts to regain confidence have been largely unsuccessful. Efforts such as meetings with Democratic governors, radio interviews with liberal hosts, and remarks during the White House Independence Day picnic have only reinforced perceptions of his diminishing capacity.

Thompson reported on Friday that a White House official described the staff’s morale as “miserable,” and a Democratic National Committee official likened Biden’s situation at the White House to the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s,” implying that his team is propping him up artificially.

A White House official stated, “Everyone is miserable, and senior advisers are a total black hole.”

A high-ranking DNC official remarked, “The only thing that can really allay concerns is for the president to demonstrate that he’s capable of running this campaign,” adding that everything else feels like a charade to keep up appearances.

Thompson’s report also suggests that Biden is being heavily controlled by a close-knit group of senior staff members. Despite the internal strife, Biden remains publicly optimistic, recently stating “yes” when asked if he believes he can still beat Trump.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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