Joe Biden ‘Key Role’ In Brother’s Corruption Leaks

The defense of President Joe Biden, claiming ignorance of his family’s involvement in foreign influence-peddling, faces significant challenges following a new report from Politico. The report sheds light on the extensive involvement of Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden, in a scheme to profit from a troubled medical conglomerate called Americore, which is now bankrupt.



According to Politico’s investigation, James Biden’s role at Americore was more significant than previously reported. He was listed among the company’s top leaders in internal documents and investor materials, and he played a key role in securing regulatory approval for Americore’s acquisitions and in personnel decisions within the company.

Moreover, the investigation reveals that Joe Biden and his inner circle were more involved with Americore than previously understood. Joe Biden’s name was central to James Biden’s pitch to potential partners and investors, and several members of the Biden family, including Hunter Biden, were involved in Americore’s activities.

Of particular concern is a $200,000 direct payment from James and Sara Biden to Joe Biden, which raises questions about potential conflicts of interest and abuse of political connections for personal gain. Despite inquiries, none of the Biden family members provided specific answers regarding their involvement with Americore, and the White House did not respond to requests for comment.

The report also highlights James Biden’s efforts to court Middle Eastern investors by leveraging his brother’s political connections. He allegedly promised to give Joe Biden equity in Americore and suggested that Joe Biden could promote the company during a future presidential campaign.

Republicans are seizing on these revelations as evidence of influence peddling and corruption within the Biden family. The collapse of Americore not only enriched Biden family members but also left behind unpaid bills and neglected patients, underscoring the human toll of their actions.

Overall, the Politico report undermines the defense that Joe Biden was unaware of his family’s business dealings and raises serious questions about his involvement in potentially unethical and illegal activities.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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