Joe Biden ‘Offers Cookies’ To Top Republican

Kevin McCarthy recently stated that President Joe Biden offers cookies to guests in the Oval Office, which for some reason the former speaker found “depressing” via Mediaite.



It has been a brutal seven days for Biden, the White House, and his campaign since he turned in a poor debate performance against former President Donald Trump on Thursday. Biden sounded raspy, misspoke, flubbed several responses, and mistakenly announced the defeat of Medicare.

It is noted that the president has resisted calls by panicked Democrats to step aside to make way for another candidate. McCarthy has appeared on Fox News on Wednesday and explained that Biden offers cookies to guests at the White House.

“I worked with four different presidents,” he said. “That Oval Office is always usually humming. Things are moving and going around at all times. And Biden’s Oval Office, it is the quietest place. No one’s around. The only thing, there are cookies. He offers you cookies every time you’re in there. And he goes and gets them. I mean, it is a depressing moment.” The former speaker went on to repeat his previous claim that every time he met with Biden, he “got a different Biden each time.”

“And that’s the challenge they have,” he continued. “If he survives this, he is still in the same place, and it’s more time in between now and the election that he could actually get worse.”

McCarthy also appeared on Fox News last month and told a story about Biden showing him a swimming pool in the winter.

“Well, first he got to the door and it was locked, so the Secret Service comes and opens it up,” he said. “I’m like, what are we doing?”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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