Joe Biden Reveals If He’s Leaving For Trump

During a photo op at the NATO Summit in Vilnius, President Joe Biden engaged in a lighthearted exchange with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey. When Erdoğan wished Biden luck in his reelection bid, Biden responded with a joking remark, indicating confidence in his chances of winning the 2024 election.



Biden expressed his pleasure at being at the historic summit meeting and praised Erdoğan for the agreement reached regarding the admission of Sweden. He thanked the Turkish President for his leadership and highlighted the commitment to NATO defense and the desire to strengthen it further.

Erdoğan, in turn, thanked Biden for his congratulatory messages on his reelection and emphasized the importance of their meeting within the framework of the NATO Summit. He mentioned that their previous meetings were preparatory and that the current meeting marked the initiation of a new five-year process. Erdoğan also took the opportunity to wish Biden the best of luck in the forthcoming elections.

Biden responded to Erdoğan’s well-wishes by humorously remarking that he looks forward to meeting with him in the next five years. This playful comment drew laughter from those present.

PRESIDENT BIDEN: Mr. President, it’s good to see you again — delighted to be with you. And, you know, we’re at this historic summit meeting. We’re resolving a lot of things, I hope.

And you made — you made all the more historic by the agreement you reached yesterday in the admission of Sweden and how you’re going to proceed. I want to thank you for your diplomacy and your courage to take that on. And I want to thank you for your leadership, Mr. President.

This summit is reaffirming our commitment to NATO defense with close Allies in NATO, and I hope we can make it even stronger.

So, welcome.

PRESIDENT ERDOĞAN: (As interpreted.) Mr. President, my dear friend, I would like to, first of all, thank you for congratulating me in the aftermath of my reelection to my current post. And I’m grateful for the congratulatory messages that you have extended to me.

And within the framework of our strategic mechanism, I think it’s high time for the heads of states to get together for further consultations. That’s why I believe today’s meeting with you within the margin of the NATO Summit is the first step forward.

Our meetings prior to this were mere warmups, but now we are initiating a new process. This new process is a process of five years.

And now you are getting prepared for the forthcoming elections. And with the forthcoming elections, I would like to take this opportunity to also wish you the best of luck.

PRESIDENT BIDEN: Thank you very much.


PRESIDENT BIDEN: And we look forward to meeting with you the next five years. (Laughter.)

The exchange between Biden and Erdoğan showcased a moment of light-hearted banter during the summit, demonstrating a friendly rapport between the two leaders. While the remark should be taken in a joking manner, it also reflects Biden’s confidence and optimism about his political future.

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