Joe Biden Reveals Trump ‘Death Penalty’ Threat For…

According to Mediaite, President Joe Biden found himself in a jovial mood at a private fundraiser in Arizona, where he didn’t shy away from taking swipes at his predecessor, ex-President Donald Trump, while also adding a dash of humor to his remarks about another world leader.



The occasion for the president’s visit to Arizona included delivering a heartfelt speech in honor of his late friend, Senator John McCain, and addressing the challenges faced by American democracy. However, it was at a campaign reception hosted at the Tucson residence of Roberta and Jim Pederson that Biden let loose.

In a segment of his speech, Biden didn’t hold back in criticizing Trump and a segment of the Republican Party, suggesting that a small group of Republicans had a stronghold on the party, especially in the House. He contrasted his view of the nation, emphasizing that he and Vice President Kamala Harris did not perceive America as a dark, negative, or mean-spirited place, in contrast to what he portrayed as Trump’s perspective. Biden cited Trump’s statements to his supporters, including the phrase, “I am your retribution,” which he used during his presidential campaign. The president also highlighted Trump’s remarks about a “failing nation” and the idea that the country’s fate hinged on a particular election outcome. Biden even referenced Trump’s controversial call for the death penalty for General Milley, a highly regarded military leader, due to a disagreement.

Later in his speech, Biden switched gears to engage in some sports-themed trash talk when discussing China’s President Xi Jinping. He expressed confidence in America’s ability to handle the challenges posed by China and playfully quipped, “They’re not a patch on our jeans, man,” garnering laughter from the audience. He recounted asking world leaders if they would trade places with Xi Jinping, emphasizing that none had shown an inclination to do so. Biden underlined that he wasn’t looking for a fight with China but was determined to assert America’s position and not be swayed by their actions. In a light-hearted moment, he referenced Trump’s affinity for Russian President Vladimir Putin and humorously used a religious saying, “Bless me, Father, for he has sinned,” to describe Trump’s perspective on Putin.

My — my point is that there’s this small group of Republicans who are controlling the Republican Party right now, and particularly in the House. And, you know — and they believe if you — some of the things they say, for example — you know, we don’t think, Kamala and I, that this is a dark, negative nation, that we’re a mean-spirited people, that we don’t care. We don’t believe that.

You know, Trump does, though. Here’s the things he says. He says to his supporters, “I am your retribution.” Isn’t that a great way to run for president? “I am your retribution.” “We’re a failing nation.” “Either we…” — these are quotes. “Either we win — either they or we win; if they, then we no longer have a democ- — we no longer have a country.” And it goes on.

Did you see recently where he called for the assassination — or the death penalty for General Milley, one of the leading military minds we have had in the last 20 years in America, because he disagreed with — Trump disagreed when he gave him an honest answer. Think about that. Think about that.

And later in his speech, the president used some old-timey sports trash talk on China President Xi Jinping, and derided Trump’s affection for Russian President Vladimir Putin:

Who deals with this major, major, major challenge coming from China? Which, by the way, as we say in the sports I used to play, “They’re not a patch on our jeans, man,” right now. (Laughter.) No, I’m serious. Think — think.

I asked every world leader — and I’m not joking. I say, “Would you trade places with Xi Jinping?” I haven’t found one leader in the world who would trade places with his problems. And we walk around like, “Whoa, whoa.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not looking to have a fight with China. But I’m making clear to China we’re not going to be bent to what they’re doing, what they’re trying to do.

And so, there’s a lot going on that, if we step out of the picture — and, by the way, you talk to Trump — what’s he say about — he says, “You know what…” — I’m paraphrasing — “Putin I can deal with; he’s a decent guy.” (Laughter.) As we say in my religion, “Bless me, Father, for he has sinned.” (Laughter.)

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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