Joe Biden Reveals Trump Sadly Injected…

President Joe Biden didn’t hold back in his critique of former President Donald Trump during a Black voter mobilization event in Philadelphia. Addressing the crowd at Girard College, Biden expressed his optimism but emphasized the need for support from Black Americans.



Taking aim at Trump’s claims of being the greatest president for Black people, Biden drew laughter from the audience as he quipped, “I think he injected too much bleach, think it affected his brain,” referencing Trump’s infamous remarks about disinfectant and Covid-19 during his presidency.

Biden’s jab refers to Trump’s suggestion of using bleach to combat Covid-19, a statement that drew widespread criticism and warnings from disinfectant manufacturers. By invoking Trump’s controversial remarks, Biden highlighted what he sees as absurdity in Trump’s claims of presidential greatness, especially in comparison to historical figures like Abraham Lincoln.

“And then Trump tells you he’s the greatest president. I love this one. He says he’s the greatest president for Black people in the history of America, including more than Abraham Lincoln,” Biden said as the crowd loudly booed.

“I mean, can you fathom that? Where in Hell?” Biden added as he signed the cross. “Like I said, I think he injected too much of that bleach, think it affected his brain,” Biden joked as the crowd loudly laughed.

The event served as a platform for Biden to rally support among Black voters, with his remarks signaling a direct challenge to Trump’s narrative and positioning himself as a champion for their interests.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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