Joe Biden Struggles To Walk Off Plane In Video

President Joe Biden was in New Jersey Saturday for a private campaign fundraiser. A video clip has emerged in which he could be seen walking down the stairs from the flight as First Lady Jill Biden escorts him.



It has been noted that President Biden went to a posh fundraiser at a New Jersey mansion Saturday and reportedly claimed to the crowd that his gaffe-filled, disastrous debate against former President Donald Trump converted undecided voters to his camp.

The 81-year-old Commander-in-Chief made the declaration at a private event at the home of New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, which his wife announced had raised $3.7 million, reported.

While Biden admitted to the small crowd that his debate performance was lackluster — prompting several major newspapers to call on him to bow out of his reelection bid — he said voters interpreted the event differently.

“Research during the debate shows us converting more undecided voters than Trump did, in large part because of his conduct on Jan. 6,” Biden told the several dozen people at the party, the news site said.

“People remember the bad things during his presidency.”

It is also noted that independent voters weren’t the only ones Biden claimed to have won the support of, he also told the New Jersey crowd that his polling numbers among Democrats moved up after the debate. The notion flies in the face of several surveys released in the last two days, including one commissioned by The Post that saw Biden’s support dwindle after taking on Trump.

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