Joe Biden’s Gibberish Forces Translators To…

The New York Times chief White House Correspondent recently admitted to using “translation headsets” to understand what President Joe Biden was saying during public speeches, even when he is 20 feet away from the president, according to the Times.



Well, this raises other questions. How does the sign language interpreter interpret what Biden says when he gives official speeches?

According to The New York Times, Biden recently told Democrat governors that his ‘health is fine,’ “it’s just my brain.”

The Democrats have been in confusion over Biden’s mental fitness, with many top officials calling on him to drop out of the race to make room for a more competent presidential candidate. This is the Democratic Party in 2024: Screw your primary elections.

Some “Republicans” are even calling for the 25th Amendment to be invoked by Biden’s cabinet, which plays right into the Democrats’ hands. The Democrats understand that if he does step down, it will be slightly easier to sell another rigged election to the American people.

Fox reported:

After a series of high-profile verbal mishaps, concerns have been raised about Biden’s cognitive ability and mental fitness for the presidency. Opinion columnist Maureen Dowd penned a piece, “Joe Biden, in the Goodest Bunker Ever,” that continued to put a spotlight on the president’s articulation issues. She offered a tidbit about the trick her colleague, chief White House correspondent Peter Baker, uses to help understand Biden.

“The Times’s chief White House correspondent, Peter Baker, told me he has started using translation headsets on overseas trips, even when he is 20 feet away from the president, because they offer a magnified volume when Biden starts to mumble,” Dowd wrote.

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