Joe Rogan Breaks Silence After Missing UFC 266

Joe Rogan is currently one of the most popular personalities in the world of MMA, largely thanks to his commentary skills and also his podcast, and he just recovered from being ill with COVID. Conor McGregor’s crazy message to Joe Rogan was also leaked previously.



Joe Rogan recently shared his thoughts regarding Brian Ortega’s devastating guillotine attempt on Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 266 last weekend. Joe Rogan was not able to be on commentary at UFC 266 but made sure to talk about it on his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. Here is what he said:

“The way he slipped it in, he got mount, on a world champion, full guillotine mount on a world champion and the guy got out! I mean he’s gurgling, it’s as deep as it gets. What he’s in right now, he’s in a mount but he’s also got his legs crossed underneath which is like the most ruthless mount. A regular mount you’re on top of a guy but Ortega has got his legs crossed. That kind of guillotine with a guy like that is death! It’s death – and that crazy mother f***er from Australia got out, where 99.99% of people who have ever lived would’ve tapped out. That’s savage, it’s like not today b*tch, I’d rather die!”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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