Joe Rogan Brutally Attacks Dylan Mulvaney In Video

According to Outkick, Joe Rogan has joined the chorus of critics expressing their dissatisfaction with Dylan Mulvaney and Bud Light following their ill-fated collaboration, which resulted in a major setback for the beer brand. Ever since Bud Light’s ill-advised promotion during March Madness, featuring the transgender activist Mulvaney, the company has faced a severe decline in sales and has become the subject of ridicule. Despite attempts at damage control, Bud Light’s predicament shows no signs of resolution.



Joe Rogan, a popular podcaster known for his outspoken views, initially seemed indifferent to the Mulvaney collaboration. However, his stance has since changed dramatically. During a recent episode of his podcast with Ice Cube, Rogan made it abundantly clear that he has no admiration for Mulvaney and believes that the transgender influencer is simply seeking attention. He also criticized other companies, such as Target, for embracing similar woke ideologies.

Rogan’s comments reflect a growing sentiment among many who are weary of what they perceive as excessive political correctness infiltrating various aspects of society. They argue that people are increasingly exhausted by controversial social issues being thrust upon them, particularly when they are trying to enjoy everyday activities without unnecessary political interference. In the case of Bud Light, a brand that has catered to a blue-collar demographic of football-loving beer drinkers, aligning themselves with Mulvaney, who Rogan referred to as “mentally ill” and an attention seeker, was seen as a misstep.

The only time [capital] respects opinions is when people boycott sh*t and it works like this Bud Light thing, and now people are like ‘don’t do that again.

Take a brand like Bud Light. It’s for blue-collar drinking people and they like to watch football and drink Bud Light and then all of a sudden you have this mentally ill person who’s just an attention wh*re,” Rogan further said on the episode with Ice Cube. Rogan also took aim at target and other companies going woke.

“I think that’s an ESG thing, and Target lost billions of dollars because people are sick of this sh*t. They’re sick of social things that are controversial, getting stuffed into your face and where you have to accept it, and people are like ‘I don’t wanna accept it. I’m just here for f*cking toilet paper

The backlash faced by Bud Light demonstrates a broader frustration with what critics deem as woke culture, which they believe often imposes ideological agendas upon people who simply want to be left alone. The impact of this controversy on Bud Light’s reputation and sales has been significant. The brand, which had been a powerhouse in the beer industry for decades and was once the most popular beer brand in America, now faces a steep decline. Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of Bud Light, has seen its stock plummet by over 15% since the release of the Mulvaney video, representing a substantial financial loss that could have been avoided.

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