Joe Rogan Drops Biden ‘Body Double’ Bombshell

Long-tenured UFC commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan recently discussed a conspiracy theory involving President Joe Biden that was floated by fellow podcaster Patrick Bet-David and it went a bit too far for Rogan via Mediaite.



It is noted that the comedian and fight commentator was joined by Terminal List author and former Navy SEAL Jack Carr while promoting his new book Red Sky Morning, on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. During a discussion on a past script, Rogan wrote about a wolf that he says is sitting on his computer and Rogan was reminded of a conspiracy theory that the president has been replaced by a mask-wearing body double.

“He thinks it’s not really Biden, that it’s someone pretending to be Biden who has a mask on because he was talking very clearly,” Rogan told Carr.

Bet-David then reviewed the Biden mask conspiracy theory on his show last week, comparing different videos of the president, one where Bet-David argued he’s far clearer than in the others. The discussion led into reviews of videos about the CIA and “human masks” a la Mission: Impossible.

Rogan went on to dismiss the theory out of the gate as ridiculous, stating conspiracy theorists are pointing out Biden’s “skin color” when it’s the lights during the interview affecting his skin tone — though Rogan did claim it’s “clear” Biden got a “facelift.”

“The shadows to me look like studio lighting where you have multiple cameras, you have multiple lights coming from a bunch of different angles… that’s why it looks weird,” Rogan said.

“It does look odd,” Carr agreed.

Rogan continued by saying he wasn’t against every aspect of the conspiracy theory, but it was too far-fetched, even for him, arguing a human mask could be possible, but altering a voice would likely require AI and too many people involved to keep such a feat quiet.

“That requires so many people to be in on it, including the person being interviewed, the person interviewing Biden, all the people who are watching,” Rogan said. “There’s a lot of loose ends there.”

“That’s where a lot of these things fall apart,” Carr responded.

“In that case, that’s a lot of loose ends, especially, like, camera guys and a lot of hard-working folks, probably a lot of fucking Republicans… people talk, especially something like that,” Rogan said.

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