Joe Rogan Drops Christian Bale Health Bombshell

The long-tenured UFC commentator Joe Rogan often shares his thoughts on variety fo topics. It is noted that he has been long been a fan of people who have pushed themselves to in order to gain desirable. He is friends with the likes of David Goggins and Cameron Hanes, who runs over 20 miles every day.



Rogan recently had movie producer Jon Peters on The Joe Rogan Experience, where the two men discussed the incredible ability and dedication that Hollywood star Christian Bale has towards his roles. The British actor has a reputation of gaining and shredding weights and change his physical appearance drastically in preparation for his movie roles.

Joe Rogan sheds praise on Christian Bale

The podcast host said the following about Bale:

“That guy is willing to do things that most people are not willing to do. Like he’s willing to get fat, he’s willing to like almost die of starvation. If you watch ‘The Machinist’, it’s not the best movie, but what’s interesting about the movie is just Christian Bale. The fact that he’s basically a skeleton.”

It has been also noted that Christian Bale’s performance in “Amsterdam” was influenced by classic crime drama series “Columbo”. He had portrayed a character of a one-eyed veteran-turned-doctor in David O. Russell’s upcoming murder mystery and the 48-year-old actor admitted he “studied” Peter Falk’s performance as the titular character in the long-running detective series to get ideas.

“Absolutely. Yes. Yes. His mannerisms! I studied him for sure,” he explained when asked if he’d been inspired by “Columbo”.

Christian and David spent five years carefully mapping out the story over breakfasts in various diners and the men explained the Oscar-winning star’s order varied dramatically depending on what other movie he was working on at any given point.

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