Joe Rogan Drops Colby Covington Firing Bombshell

Joe Rogan is currently one of the most popular personalities in the world of MMA, largely thanks to his commentary skills and also his podcast. Conor McGregor’s crazy message to Joe Rogan was also leaked previously.



Colby Covington is a huge fan of Conor McGregor and does not like Dustin Poirier, as many fans are well aware of the fact. Many consider him a sort of villain in the UFC but it seems that is not who he really is.

Joe Rogan recently spoke on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where  Rogan explained the story that led to Colby Covington to embrace a persona that was very different from who he really is in real life.

“He is a nice guy! I’ve hung out with him at the comedy store. Do you know the story? The story is interesting, this is what happened: They had him scheduled to be cut [from the UFC] and he was about to fight Demian Maia and they told him listen, your style sucks… I don’t know who said it to him, I don’t know what the words were, but essentially what he [Covington] said to me was, ‘they told me you were boring and we’re gonna cut you even if you win’.

And then he’s in Brazil with Demain Maia, and he just starts talking mad sh*t”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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