Joe Rogan Drops Donald Trump Crime Bombshell

Joe Rogan, the popular podcast host, has poured cold water on rumors of a possible indictment of former President Donald Trump. On a recent episode of his podcast, Rogan made comments regarding Trump’s alleged hush money payment to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, stating that he thought the payment was a “good deal” and likening it to previous similar situations involving former President Bill Clinton and former presidential candidate John Edwards.



”They’re talking about arresting him for paying a girl to stop talking about them having sex. I thought that was a good deal. I thought it’s a good deal. You pay someone — Didn’t Clinton do that? … John Edwards got in trouble for doing that, but he didn’t go to jail. I don’t believe he went to jail.”

However, an AP fact check had previously found that comparisons between Trump’s and Clinton’s hush money payments were misleading. Clinton’s payment to Paula Jones was made to settle a civil lawsuit and was public, legal, and not a campaign contribution. Trump, on the other hand, is facing an indictment from a New York prosecutor for allegedly making a hush money payment to Daniels through a shell company and then reimbursing the payment himself, which was logged as legal expenses for his presidential campaign.

Rogan also made comments about Democrats and other critics of Trump not wanting him to run for president again, as they believe that he could potentially win against a candidate like Joe Biden, who Rogan referred to as “so old” and “compromised.”

But they just don’t want him president again,” Rogan said of Democrats and other critics of Trump. “And they know that if he runs against Biden, Biden is so old, you know? And no matter what you think about his policies, you hear him talk. He’s so old. He’s so compromised.”

Rogan has faced criticism for his controversial comments on various topics, including the coronavirus pandemic, on his podcast. Despite this, he remains a popular and influential figure in the media.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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