Joe Rogan Drops Firing Bombshell To Mike Tyson

The long-tenured UFC commentator Joe Rogan never holds back his thoughts. He recently offered his thoughts on the growing trend of cancel culture in society. He argued that the culture was at its peak with massive real-world implications, often costing people their livelihoods.



Joe Rogan talks about the matter

While in conversation with the legendary boxer Mike Tyson on the latest edition of Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, the UFC commentator opened up about how freedom of speech has impacted individuals across the globe. He said that when one doesn’t like what was said or done, then there is an option of getting them fired.

“Well, what it is, is a culture of people being able to express themselves and when people can express themselves, they can change the way other people feel about things. They can get people upset at things. You could say things that you’ve never been able to say before. You have, like, so many people have the ability to express themselves now, so it’s like you can get someone fired. Like if you decide that you’re gonna pile onto someone because you don’t like what they said or what they did, you can get them fired. That’s a new thing in history.”

Rogan further offered some insight into how this culture of expressing a negative opinion about someone has changed over the years. He admitted that the evolution of social media had made discussing such matters on a global scale much easier.

In the same conversation with ‘Iron Mike,’ Rogan admitted that he never believed that the UFC would achieve such mainstream recognition and acclaim that it managed to attain in all these years:

“No. Not at all. No. I always thought it would be some weird fringe thing that I liked that. Like, I like some fringe things. I like watching professional pool. I play pool, so I watch. Nobody watches that, right? I watch it. Yeah, I like, so I thought it was like that. One of those fringe things.”

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