Joe Rogan Drops Hugh Jackman Drug Bombshell

The Wolverine star Hugh Jackman has showcased impressive physique and chiseled abs which is certainly a matter of envy for many. This had led to widespread speculation about his use of performance-enhancing drugs, especially in the wake of accusations by the long-tenured UFC commmentator Joe Rogan.



Joe Rogan accuses Hugh Jackman

Rogan, the well-known UFC commentator and host of the world’s biggest podcast has been vocal about using PEDs in Hollywood and accused several actors of lying about being natural. Among them is Jackman, who Rogan has claimed is on steroids, citing his impressive physique and age.

However, Jackman has come out to deny these accusations, stating in an interview with Variety that he did it the old-fashioned way. He also revealed that he had been told about the side effects of PEDs and decided that he didn’t love his job that much to risk his health.

On the other hand, Rogan has been open about his use of hormone replacement therapy and testosterone replacement therapy, claiming that they have positively impacted his body and workouts. However, he has also claimed that studios force actors to lie about their PED use to protect their potential income.

In a podcast episode, Rogan claimed that an actor he knew refused to talk about drugs during an interview and said that studios don’t want to jeopardize their potential income by revealing their use of PEDs. There is little evidence to support these claims and they have added fuel to the speculation surrounding PED use in Hollywood.

Despite Jackman’s denial of PED use, the speculation has not died, with fans and critics continuing to debate the issue on social media. However, Jackman seems unfazed and has been spotted working hard to return to his Wolverine physique.

The actor recently posted a photo on Instagram of himself looking as fit as ever, along with the caption, “He’s only 46. I’m older. But it’s not a competition.”
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