Joe Rogan Drops Jon Jones & UFC Woman Bombshell

The long-tenured UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently hosted Jackass star Steve-O on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Steve-O, who has made a living off of performing stunts, shared that he has made several attempts to have UFC fighters give him cauliflower ear.



Joe Rogan opens up on Jon Jones

Steve-O, who is a huge fan of UFC went on to discuss creating a helmet to protect his head, yet exposed his ear. UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell was the first to participate, as he used a golf club to drive a golf ball off of Steve-O’s ear, however, the attempt was unsuccessful.

After spending two days with Liddell, Steve-O enlisted another UFC Hall of Famer, Ronda Rousey, and her husband, former UFC heavyweight Travis Browne. The couple spent the day striking his ear until they believed he had a cauliflower ear. However, it eventually went away.

Steve-O next turned to Jorge Masvidal, who he shared used the ‘BMF’ belt to hold his ear against the door as he punched it. As with Rousey and Browne, Masvidal thought he had given Steve-O a cauliflower ear, which also did not last.

He eventually turned to UFC Hall of Famer Jon Jones, prompting Rogan to proclaim:

“You are such a glutton for punishment.”

Steve-O stated:

“I had the who’s who of the UFC Hall of Fame give their best shot and everybody said ‘dude, we got it’ and then it didn’t work. Jon Jones blasted my ear into oblivion… He so upsettingly overdid it that my ear got blasted apart.”

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