Joe Rogan Drops Kamaru Usman Drug Bombshell

Kamaru Usman appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience where he talked about the accusations against him for using PEDs (Performance enhancing drugs) when Joe asked him about them. Wrestling-Edge transcribed his remarks.



“It’s funny to me because I get it all the time now. People accuse me all the time. I haven’t really told the story, but one day I saw that people kept tagging me in this video. There was some f**king guy, some dumbass that’s on YouTube that swears he can spot people that do PEDs.

“So, he’s like, ‘Yeah, I know that guy’s doing it, because I can see the marks on him,’ and stuff like that.” They start pointing out that I have five scars on my stomach, like, discoloration on my stomach. Then he starts talking about it and making up this whole theory and it kinda hurt my feelings a little bit.

“I was a little self-conscious about it because… This is what happened. I was in college, after my junior season. I got a mole on my stomach and one on my hand. I am one of those clean freaks. I shower after practice right away.

“So I started scratching it and it starts bleeding. So I am like, ‘F**k that’s not a regular pimple or zit.’ Then over time, there were like five of them, so tiny you can barely see them.”

Usman then said that he told the team doctor about this and the doctor informed him that he had non-cancerous moles, which are very common. Usman joked that they were not common for him. The doctor suggested that he could burn those moles off after Usman insisted that he didn’t want them on his body.

“He burns them off with, I think, nitrogen or something like that. He goes, ‘Those are gonna fall off in a couple of days, just give it some time.’”

Usman then revealed that he wrestled even though the doctor warned him to not do anything until the moles fall off. Turns out, the moles got rubbed against while wrestling and they fell off, but left scars on his body.

“Then this f**king guy is like, ‘Oh he’s doing PEDs, look, he’s got the marks on his stomach!’ And it hurt my feelings. I am one of those guys who don’t even think about PEDs. I have probably competed against someone that was cheating. But my work will far exceed all of that.”









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