Joe Rogan Drops Melania Trump Divorce Rumor Bombshell

Joe Rogan commented on false rumors about Melania Trump’s marriage on his show.



He said about reports about Donald Trump’s indictments, “Her reaction seems to be it sucks to be you.”

“You don’t even have an interview with her.”

“This is just like a narrative that you just want to promote. I mean maybe you’re just doing it for clickbait. Maybe you’re just a journalist who just thinks this is a good angle to take. What are they going to do, deny it?”


Maggie Haberman, a New York Times correspondent and CNN analyst, discussed the push for an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden on CNN’s “The Source with Kaitlan Collins.” Haberman asserted that there is “no doubt” that former President Donald Trump is behind the efforts to impeach Biden, both publicly and behind the scenes. She also suggested that Trump is unlikely to be satisfied with just an impeachment inquiry.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy had announced the launch of an impeachment inquiry into Biden, even though there was uncertainty about whether there would be enough support for such a move in the House. CNN reported that Trump privately coordinated with House GOP members on the impeachment strategy.

During the conversation, Collins mentioned McCarthy’s attempt to reassure moderate Republicans by emphasizing that this was only an impeachment inquiry. However, Haberman expressed doubt that an impeachment inquiry would be enough for Trump, who had been impeached twice during his own presidency. She also noted that Trump has been focused on having his own impeachment record expunged.

Haberman further suggested that Trump’s push for impeaching Biden could intensify as he faces increased pressure from criminal inquiries. She pointed out that it would be surprising if Trump were content with just raising questions and not pursuing actual impeachment.

COLLINS: McCarthy went out of his way, today, to say this is only an impeachment inquiry. Obviously, that’s likely to make moderate Republicans feel better about this, who are in districts that President Biden won.

But you know President Trump, as well as I do, former President Trump. An impeachment inquiry is not going to be sufficient, to a former President, who was impeached twice, is it?

HABERMAN: I don’t think so. Although it’s important to remember that he’s also been very focused, on getting his own impeachment record expunged. That’s been something he’s been talking about a lot, too. We will see which one is more important to him.

But I do think, to your point, as we have seen former President Trump face more pressure, from these criminal inquiries, he has ratcheted up the talk, about impeaching Biden. And it will be surprising if he feels content, stopping at, “We’re just asking questions.”

COLLINS: Yes, it seems to be a hope that it would muddy the water here — waters here.


COLLINS: We have seen some moderate Republicans say they’re kind of fine with this. They’re surprisingly on board, a few of the moderates, here in New York.

Senate Republicans, though, have been either outright dismissive, or deeply skeptical of this. Senator McConnell? I mean, how do Senate Republicans handle this, do you expect?

HABERMAN: I think it’s a great question. And I think we’re going to see, in the coming days. But you are correct that a lot of them have expressed skepticism, about these efforts, so far, not just on impeachment, generally, but on where this is all heading, in terms of the evidence.

Now, could something happen that changes that? Absolutely. But we’ll see.


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