Joe Rogan Drops Mike Tyson Drug Bombshell

Joe Rogan has a habit of trying to create controversy. After all, it does create cash – and Rogan wants to suck up as much of the green paper as he can, while he still can. Recently, the man with a rather void expression dropped a bombshell on Mike Tyson that could forever KO the former tough guy boxer.

In a report made by Essentially Sports, they say, UFC’s regular face, Joe Rogan, is quite popular in the podcast circle. I thought he created pod casts. His show, The Joe Rogan Experience, beginning in 2009, has amassed more than 13.4 million subscribers. That’s pretty substantial. Congratulations Joe. That’s why he never sleeps.

During the show’s episode number 1900, Rogan’s guest was comedian and author Steve-O. Roughly twenty-odd minutes later, the duo discussed the latter’s crazy attempts at getting cauliflower ears. For those who don’t know, cauliflower ear is a condition resulting from constant grappling or wrestling that swells ears, giving cauliflower resemblance. Think John Cena – he has cauliflower ears. Brock Lesnar has them too. Not pretty. Not nice.

Not surprisingly, the talk lead to Mike Tyson’s Bite Fight. Rogan and Steve agreed on how Iron Mike had shaken off the demons and built a successful business around weed – “He is the best. I saw him at the fights…”

Mike Tyson now sells weed (Gummies) to make a living. Wow! Maybe that’s how he fights so well. He doesn’t feel pain.


Robert Hadley
Robert Hadley
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