Joe Rogan Drops Sad Madonna Health Bombshell

While speaking during his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan talked about Madonna’s health after plastic surgery.



That picture is accurate. That is, the same thing leads to anorexia, the same thing that leads to bodybuilders getting dysmorphia. It happens to I think there’s a certain percentage of people that get those fillers in their face that this happens to. It looks crazy, it looks crazy.

According to Oukick, in the midst of the ongoing Covid vaccine debate, NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers has once again made headlines by engaging in the discussion and taking a swipe at vaccine advocate Professor Peter Hotez through a social media post.

Professor Hotez had recently found himself in the spotlight after being challenged by Joe Rogan to debate Robert R. Kennedy Jr. on the popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Rogan even offered to donate $100,000 to a charity of Hotez’s choice after the professor accused Rogan and Kennedy Jr. of spreading vaccine misinformation. Hotez has been a vocal proponent of the Covid vaccine and indoor masking, even advocating for young children to wear masks.

In a move to show his support for Robert Kennedy Jr., Aaron Rodgers, who recently signed with the New York Jets, joined the feud by posting on his Instagram reels. Rodgers shared an older clip from Rogan’s podcast featuring Professor Hotez admitting to “unhealthy eating habits.” Taking a jab at Hotez’s appearance, Rodgers wrote, “I don’t take health advice from unhealthy people.” This was not the first time Rodgers expressed his support for Kennedy Jr., and his involvement in the vaccine debate has been widely publicized, particularly within the context of his professional football career.

Professor Hotez responded to Rodgers’ Instagram post on Twitter, expressing disappointment and labeling it as unnecessary. Hotez mentioned that he had previously criticized Rodgers for his public anti-vaccine stance and emphasized his own commitment to speaking out to save lives in 2021.

However, what Hotez may fail to grasp or purposefully ignore is the fact that he and other health professionals played a role in politicizing the pandemic. They targeted, criticized, scapegoated, and sought to punish those who refused to align with the recommendations of organizations like the CDC, WHO, and the medical community. It is important to remember the actions they took and the profound impact they had.

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