Joe Rogan Drops Sad Melania Trump Bombshell

Former President Donald Trump recently went through some tough times. He spent around 20 minutes in jail and was released after he agreed to a USD 2,00,000 bond and other release conditions. Trump, 77, has already made history by becoming the first former US President to face criminal charges.



Amid all these, famous podcaster Joe Rogan has something to say about former first lady Melania Trump. Rogan also said on whether she would like to return to the White House or not.

In December 2009, Joe Rogan embarked on a journey in the world of podcasting, launching The Joe Rogan Experience. Initially, the podcast was a platform for Rogan to have candid conversations with fellow comedians, discussing comedy, life, and the entertainment industry.

However, over time, it evolved into something much more. Recently, Rogan made some comments about former first lady Melania Trump on his show. Calling Mrs. Trump the hottest FLOTUS of all time, Rogan stated:

“She’s without a doubt the hottest first lady of all time. This lady’s hot, professionally.”

Mentioning John F. Kennedy’s wife, Rogan said, “Kennedy’s wife was pretty. She was a good-looking chick. She’s a very beautiful woman.”

Rogan also noted that Melania Trump doesn’t want to be back in the white house again. Rogan said he couldn’t believe she did she enjoy there.

Back then, Joe Rogan was a reality TV host, fronting Fear Factor on NBC. Rogan’s influence extends far beyond the realm of comedy and podcasting, positioning him as one of the most powerful figures in American media today.

While Joe Rogan’s podcast has garnered immense popularity and acclaim, it hasn’t been without its fair share of controversies. Joe Rogan sparked a huge controversy in April 2021 when he claimed on his podcast that people who are healthy do not need to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Rogan has been criticized for comments made on the show that some view as insensitive or Trans phobic, particularly regarding transgender athletes competing in sports.

Despite the controversies that have occasionally surrounded his podcast, Rogan’s influence remains undeniable.

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