Joe Rogan Forced To Cancel Show In Photo?

Joe Rogan initially canceled his show in Austin tonight earlier today, and then posted a photo announcing that the show was uncanceled.



Joe Rogan is a long-tenured UFC commentator. He has had a great journey in UFC. However, it was not smooth like now and he had to strive a lot in the early days of the company. It came to a point when he had quit UFC. He recently shared his experience of working in the UFC when mixed martial arts wasn’t as mainstream as it is today. He later returned to the promotion and was offered a new job role.

Dana White pitched the idea to Joe Rogan

Speaking on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show, Rogan recalled how at one point of time in his career he parted ways with UFC. This decision was taken as he was making more money as a comic on the weekends than what he was making at the MMA promotion.

He went on to state that he decided to relinquish his role as a backstage interviewer in 1997-98. Rogan then returned to the UFC when he was convinced to become a commentator by the current president of the organization, Dana White, following Zuffa’s purchase in 2001:

“When I first started working for the UFC, I was on the NewsRadio, the sitcom. I was flying in those f***ing puddle jumper planes. People were acting as if I was doing p*rn. They asked why you’re doing that and I was like I love it… There was a thing where I was wondering if this is damaging my career. But I was like I don’t care, I love doing it. It got to the point where it was costing me too much money. I would make more money doing a standup during the weekend than doing the UFC. So I quit [around] 1997-98… The UFC was sold to Zuffa. In 2001, I met Dana and became friends with him. He’s the one who talked me into doing commentary,” said Rogan.

Rogan has been recently involved in a controversy after Neil Young directed Spotify to remove all his songs from the platform due to Rogan’s actions for dealing with COVID-19. It was also noted that Rogan’s Spotify video got a woman banned.

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