Joe Rogan Leaks ‘Rigged’ Francis Ngannou Fight Claim

The UFC color commentator Joe Rogan recently talked about the judges making bad fight decisions and how it affects UFC fighter pay.



Joe Rogan supports the statement of Francis Ngannou

Joe Rogan recently spoke about the decisions of the judges, who make the wrong decisions. While speaking on his podcast, Rogan backed the opinion of UFC star Francis Ngannou, who said that there should be protection for the fighters. He said:

“That’s one thing that’s never changed, Shitty decisions, they still exist. Francis Ngannou had a good point the other day, that there should be protection for fighters because losing half of your purse because someone made a bad call, there should be a way around that.”

Bellator light heavyweight and former UFC star Anthony Johnson recently criticized the UFC’s decision to create an interim heavyweight title. Johnson’s comments come ahead of this weekend’s UFC 265 pay-per-view, which will see top heavyweight contenders Derrick Lewis and Ciryl Gane go to battle for the division’s interim gold. Conor McGregor ‘Embarrassing’ Bathroom Photos Leak

The decision to create the belt got negative attention and confusion at first, with many fans and pundits questioning the need for it, considering Francis Ngannou only became UFC Heavyweight Champion in March. After the booking, it was revealed the UFC was intent on having “The Black Beast” headline August’s Houston card, and with Ngannou unable to be ready in time, the promotion turned to “Bon Gamin” and an interim strap.

Having retweeted a post from Ngannou that expressed the champ’s frustration about the booking, it’s clear Johnson has fully agreed with the Cameroonian and his team’s stance. Speaking during an interview with Helen Yee, “Rumble” revealed that he doesn’t believe in the introduction of interim titles unless the champ is seriously injured.

“It’s trash. I just don’t believe in interim titles. I can see if the champ is hurt and it just takes a while, but don’t just take that man’s legacy away and try to give somebody else a shot.”

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