Joe Rogan Makes Offensive Nazi Statement In Video

The long-tenured UFC commentator Joe Rogan often makes some comments that seeks attention. This time around he spoke about Adolf Hitler’s eccentric behavior during the 1936 Olympic games.



Joe Rogan opens up on Adolf Hitler

In an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan, along with English poet Brian Moses, discussed German dictator Adolf Hitler’s unusual appearance during the Olympic games in 1936. During the episode, the UFC color commentator analyzed Hitler’s excessive trembling, which according to Rogan could indicate the usage of illegal drugs by the Nazi leader.

Rogan expressed his disbelief at Hitler’s actions and said:

“I was watching a video of Hitler tweaking. Hitler’s on speed. He did a lot of speed. He’s at the 1936 Olympics and he’s sitting in the audience like this…like tweaking…He’s just rocking back and forth. Tweaking. 100% tweaking. So, I mean there’s no way you rock like that if not tweaking.”

Rogan continued:

“Where is his left hand? What is happening there? His left hand’s got a glove and he is rubbing a gun on his d**k…How weird is that man? How weird is it to see that guy? Might as well be a meth head right? He’s got something he is touching his d**k with and that something in his hand is in between his legs…It could be a cane. It might be a gun. I think it looks more like a can now that I am looking at.”

Fans have noted that Rogan has the ability to defend himself which is evident from his backstage grappling session with former heavyweight champion Mark Coleman. The Welterweight fighter Jorge Masvidal recently commented on the video clip that has resurfaced from the encounter. For those who are not aware, Rogan is a skilled MMA artist. He never competed officially in any professional contest. He became a 4-time Taekwondo State Champion. Apart from that, he also competed in kickboxing. On the scale of skills, he is 10th planet Jiu-Jitsu black belt as well as a black belt in the gi.

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