Joe Rogan Missing UFC 266 For Bad Reason

Joe Rogan has been a mystery for a bit due to contracting Covid and then seemingly curing it pretty quickly with some odd medications. That being said, while Joe Rogan is free of Covid as it stands currently, he will still be missing the UFC 266 event which will be hosting the much looked forward to fight of Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler. Dana White Suspends Anthony Smith From UFC.



Joe Rogan will miss UFC 266 on September 25th not due to Covid, but due to his annual hunting trip which as many Joe Rogan fans know is very important to him and Joe Rogan has promoted his carnivore diet many times over.

Joe Rogan is a huge draw just by himself and many were looking forward to his classic interview style to take place after the Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler fight. Sadly, we just won’t be seeing that as much as we wish it would have been so.

There’s currently no word as of yet with who will be replacing Joe Rogan for the night, but I would guess that it’s someone that has done the job before as good as Joe Rogan has previously. We are sad to not see Joe Rogan, but the fight night will still be memorable.

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