Joe Rogan Posts Video Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Being Attacked

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a legendary actor in the action genre. He is also a seven-time Mr. Olympia winner. The legend had a bad experience from an incident in 2019 that transpired when he visited South Africa for Arnold Classic Africa. It is a multi-sport event organized in Johannesburg in May every year.



Joe Rogan reacts to Arnold Schwarzenegger getting attacked by a fan

The 75-years-old had stood strong while one of the kids kicked him. Arnold seemingly didn’t bother about it too much. Arnold had asked everyone to share the videos of young talents rather than focusing on the boy who tried to commit a publicity stunt.

He continued to greet his fans and enjoy the young talent of Africa. The former governor was taking snaps with a couple of fans when the bizarre incident happened. A guy came running from the back and drop-kicked the legendary bodybuilder on the middle of his back. UFC commentator and podcaster, Joe Rogan, analyzed the incident in his podcast and said:

“He got drop-kicked with poor technique, okay I want to say the kid had no follow-through, barely knocked a 71-year-old”.

Rogan further added:

“Even though Arnold Schwarzenegger is 71-years-old, he is 71 years old Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is a tank.”

Joe Rogan also said:

“I think the kid was crazy because he was saying, he was screaming out, ‘Help me! I need a Lamborghini’, while they were arresting him”.

The kid was immediately taken away by security.

Rogan further also reacted to Arnold’s reaction to the kick. He said:

“He didn’t even know it was coming, right? He gets hit in the middle of his back… and he is fine. It’s kind of impressive”

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