Joe Rogan Reveals ‘False Flag’ Against Trump?

Popular podcast host and long time UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently speculated that the January 6 Capitol riot may have been a false flag event designed to take down former President Donald Trump during a recent interview with comedian Jim Gaffigan via Media Ite.



“The January 6 thing is bad, but also, the intelligence agencies were involved in provoking people into the Capitol Building. That’s a fact,” insisted Rogan, who went on to suggest that January 6 protester Ray Epps may have been a federal agent.

“I don’t know, but I do know that every other, I think that every other person who was involved in January 6, who was involved in coordinating a break-in into the Capitol and then instigating people, they were all arrested. This guy wasn’t. Not only that, but they were defending him in the New York Times, the Washington Post, all these different things saying Fox News is unjustly accused him of instigating when he clearly instigated, he did it on camera,” argued Rogan. “I don’t know if he was a fed, I know a lot of people think he was a fed.”

It has been noted that Epps has filed a defamation lawsuit against Fox News for a series of on-air claims suggesting that he was the “smoking gun of the entire fedsurrection.”

In his filing, he claimed that he was recently informed that he would in fact face criminal charged related to his actions on January 6. He’s seeking damages from Fox for the harassment and death threats he’s faced as well as a laundry list of other consequences of the conspiracy theory about him on January 6.

After the Capitol riot, one protester who angrily confronted the police told authorities that Epps instructed him to “relax” and said that “the cops are doing their job.” Epps also called an FBI tip line to give the same account of events. During the call, he doubled down on the conspiracy theory that the 2020 election had been stolen from Trump.

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