Joe Rogan Reveals Tucker Carlson ‘Killed’ Republican’s Career

During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, host Joe Rogan and comedian Jim Gaffigan discussed the 2024 presidential election and the potential nominees. Gaffigan shared his belief that neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden would be the nominees, and speculated that if Trump’s chances falter, Biden might also decide not to run. The conversation then turned to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, with Rogan expressing doubts about his ability to compete with Trump in the primary.



Rogan mentioned that DeSantis was initially seen as a strong candidate due to his successful leadership during the COVID-19 crisis in Florida and his no-nonsense conservative approach. However, it now appears that DeSantis may struggle to compete against the “Trump machine” and is facing criticism from Republicans for going against Trump.

The topic then shifted to former Vice President Mike Pence, with both Rogan and Gaffigan expressing sympathy for his situation. Pence recently did an interview with Tucker Carlson, and Rogan mentioned that some saw it as damaging to his campaign. The interview sparked controversy online, with some critics interpreting Pence’s comments out of context.

Rogan seemed to imply that Pence’s chances had been negatively impacted by this interview, but others have argued that the criticism may not have been entirely fair. Political journalist Philip Melanchthon Wegmann provided a transcript of the exchange and pointed out that Pence was not saying he didn’t care about America, but rather rejecting Tucker Carlson’s characterization of his priorities.

As the 2024 election continues to unfold, discussions and speculations about potential candidates will likely remain a popular topic among commentators and pundits. The dynamics of the Republican primary and the overall political landscape will undoubtedly shape the course of the upcoming election.

“I think that Trump and Biden will not be the nominees. I think it’s a long way off,” Gaffigan admitted. “I think if Trump goes down, I think Biden’s like, ‘I’m out.’”

“And so who takes his place?” Rogan asked.

“I don’t think he quits — I think then someone’s like, we don’t need you to run. I think that’s why he’s running is because he’s the only one that could beat Trump,” Gaffigan said, noting that no one on the Republican side can compete with Trump.

Rogan was candid about DeSantis’s slim chances against the former president.

“Well, I think, Ron DeSantis is finding that out — that he can’t compete with him. You know, I think he was so successful and so loved as the governor of Florida that pulled everybody through the covid crisis that he was gonna take this no-nonsense, you know, conservative approach and then run the country in a good way. And everyone’s gonna get back to the way Americans used to be,” Rogan said.

“He was going to be the strict dad,” Gaffigan said.

“It doesn’t seem like he can compete against the Trump machine. And people are angry at him now. Republicans are angry at him now for going against Trump. And so that’s not a good spot to be in. You don’t wanna be on the opposite side of that Trump machine if you’re a Republican,” Rogan said.

Oh, that poor F***.

Did you see that interview that he did with Tucker Carlson, he was talking about the demise of the cities in America and all the problems that we have in America. And he said, ‘That’s not my concern.’ And they’re like, ‘You’re done. You just fucked up! That’s it. No one cares about you now.’ Like he literally killed his campaign with that one conversation with Tucker Carlson

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