Joe Rogan To Quit UFC If Big Name Is Fired

Joe Rogan has been one of the longest-tenured members of UFC. He has been with the UFC for 25 years.  He has been serving as the commentator for the promotion. He recently talked about his UFC contract and shared some bizarre details about it.



Joe Rogan reveals a clause in his UFC contract

While speaking on the situation during The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, Rogan expressed the details of the situation to film producer Jon Peters on what happens if Dana White leaves UFC. Joe said that he would be gone from UFC too. It may sound strange, but that’s part of Rogan’s UFC contract. It may sound like a strange stipulation, but its a fact and one cannot deny it. He said:

“Well, if Dana leaves, I’m gone. That’s in my contract.”

Rogan works with the UFC and was last seen at UFC 279 where he was joined by fellow color commentator Daniel Cormier and play-by-play mainstay Jon Anik. Rogan made his debut at UFC 12 in 1997 as a beat reporter and broke into commentating at UFC 37.5. And while Rogan is no longer calling fights as regularly as he used to, he’s still in contract with the UFC.

Rogan has played a huge role in the formative years of the UFC and White acknowledges it. White put it into words during an interview with Jake Asman last year:

“We have a great relationship. Obviously, the UFC has grown up and blown since we started together and he has blown up and grown personally…but we couldn’t have a better relationship,” White said. “He does his thing and he kills it for us and I think he’s the best ever.”

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