Joe Rogan Watches Derrick Lewis ‘Beat Down’ At Gym

The longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently opened up on Ciryl Gane and his emphatic victory over Derrick Lewis at UFC 265. Rogan went on to speak highly about the Frenchman’s impressive performance and noted how he shut Lewis out during their clash.



Joe Rogan talks about Ciryl Gane

During a recent edition of The Joe Rogan Experience, the UFC commentator mentioned how Gane is 6’5″ and is 247 pounds but despite his size and weight, he moves like a welterweight.

Rogan even added that Gane’s movement reminded him of Stephen Thompson, as he kept bouncing the entire fight in ‘Wonderboy’ fashion. Rogan also added that Gane has completely changed the standard of heavyweight striking and claimed he’s watched the fight three times already.  Jon Jones Alleged ‘Health Issues’ Revealed

He said:

“Ciryl Gane beat the sh*t out of him. He shut him out, he shut him out, like it was a shut out. I think he stopped him in the third but I mean, Ciryl Gane, who is 6’5″, 247 pounds, moves like a 170-pounder. It’s crazy. He’s bouncing like ‘Wonderboy’, like bouncing the entire fight, throwing feints. Like completely changed the standard of heavyweight striking and I’m not exaggerating. I watched it three times, I watched it today, in fact. I watched it in the gym today while I was working out.”

At UFC 265, Gane became the interim UFC heavyweight champion when he defeated Derrick Lewis. The French fighter is now expected to face Francis Ngannou in an undisputed world title fight down the road.

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