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Joey Janela on why AEW talents were pulled from WrestleMania weekend show

Joey Janela

AEW had pulled some of its talents like Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara from WrestleCon taking place during the WrestleMania Weekend last week.

This sudden move from the company started many rumors and people have since been wondering about the reason behind the removal of the stars.

During a recent interview with WrestlingInc, AEW star Joey Janela talked about the situation and claimed that the talents were removed due to another commitment:

“On behalf of AEW, they’ve gotta do Philadelphia Comic-Con. That’s who was requested. If you’re gonna put anyone on a Comic-Con from AEW, I’m gonna put Darby Allin there,” stated Janela. “He’s over and we always knew he was gonna be over no matter where he went. He’s not only gifted in the ring but he’s gifted in every aspect. He’s gonna be a huge deal and we already know that. He’s a made man.”

Apart from this Joey Janela was also asked about getting his own action figure anytime soon and he joked that it’s possible only if he doesn’t get fired by then.

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    It’s amazing that when WWE pulls these tactics, it’s them being petty, but AEW does it and nobody bats an eyelid.
    If AEW really is the promotion that wants to be totally different to WWE, then they should let their talent honour their original commitments. There will be fans going to WrestleCon specifically to see those AEW guys, and now they are cheated out of that.

    AEW could have easily sent other talent to Comic-Con.