Joey Mercury lashes out against ROH over ‘pig f*ck contracts’ and more

As reported earlier, Joey Mercury was removed from his position ROH after they returned from a recent tour in the UK.



Mercury took to Twitter and lashed out against ROH in a series of tweets that were aimed at ROH management. He revealed a lot of situations that went on backstage and called their contracts “pig f*ck.”

“Unsafe environment for Talent in and out of the ring,” Mercury wrote. “No Security. No medical staff. No Women on creative, worst looking wrestling on or off tv. No job description. Nothing in terms of anything I’ve suggested. Total BREACH on YOUR end- and everyone involved that bullsh*t, non punctuation using, grammatical pigf*ck of a contract.”

Mercury mentioned a fan altercation that took place with Bully Ray, where the fan was given a talk about respect by Ray. While this was uncalled for, Mercury says it could not be helped as ROH had no security in the first place.

Remember when that deal in the Pacific Northwest went down? I’m surprised security let that fan stay and watch the rest of the show…. oh yeah… no security!… Duh… I was also disappointed a respected veteran was forced to make a judgement call- and THAT was called into ????

Mercury ended it by saying he was tired and fed up of management and provided examples of how ROH has mishandled situations.

I’m obviously f’d off about incompetence and negligence of manager(ment), generally – to the point I am on Twitter- and rather non plussed about a contract I’m breaching that IS English words, but not in an order that doesn’t contradict itself. So…. breach on, breacherman.

According to PW Insider, Mercury will be paid all he is due until his contract ends.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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