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Joey Ryan On Lucha Underground And Why WWE Didn’t Sign Him To A Full-Time Deal

Joey Ryan recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet of WSVN-TV about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On why WWE didn’t sign him to a full-time deal several years ago after he worked dark matches for the company:

“They kept inviting me back so there was interest at some point. But it’s not like how it is today where you have NXT and they’re building that brand and they’re using a lot of smaller guys. The times I was there they would pretty much tell me ‘we’re really not looking for guys your size right now but we like you and we’ll invite you back next time.’ They were land of the giants more at that time, now especially with NXT, they are evolving to have more cruiserweights. It’s good for the guys coming in now and I’m happy going what I’m doing, I love Lucha Underground.”

On working for Lucha Underground:

“It’s great, it’s my favorite. It’s so fun and so different. I think a lot of wrestling companies pop up and see the WWE model of how to be successful in wrestling and they think that they have to emulate that and what you get is a bootleg version of WWE. What I like about Lucha Underground is it completely flips the script and says we’re not going to present this as a live sporting event, we’re going to present this as an episodic TV series like an HBO series or a Netflix series or whatever. I just thought that was a great spin on wrestling to modernize it and change it up and present something different for the audience.”

You can watch the interview here: