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Joey Ryan on his first WWE tryout

Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan is certainly a controversial figure in wrestling and The King Of Dong Style says he will still be working in the independent circuit.

Ryan spoke with Talk Is Jericho recently, where he talked about being let go by Impact Wrestling owing to budget cuts. Due to Eric Bischoff coming into the company and them needing to reallocate funds, Ryan was out of the job.

Ryan then talked about a WWE tryout that he got. He revealed that the head coach was Bill DeMott back then. Bill did not like Joey Ryan at all even though Road Dogg and William Regal took a liking to him.

“They let me go and now it almost transitioned to WWE. I was let go in July of 2013. That month, I was invited to be an extra in WWE,” Ryan said. “William Regal and Road Dogg liked me and Regal had someone call me and said that we have a tryout in August because, at this point in 2013, everyone is going to the Performance Center for tryouts. We have a tryout in August or December but Mr. Regal would want you to go to the August one. I was like, ‘Okay, sign me up for the August one.’ I thought they were wanting to put me on a fast track to sign me but I go and do the tryout and for whatever reason, Bill DeMott doesn’t like me at this tryout and he put a halt on me to get signed.”

Bill DeMott was replaced by Matt Bloom after Bill was let go following a lot of controversial tactics used by him. While the scene at the WWE Performance Center is apparently much better now, Joey Ryan is unlikely to go there for another WWE tryout.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.