John Cena Addresses Osama bin Laden’s Death Following Extreme Rules PPV

Following tonight’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view broadcast, John Cena announced that during the event, U.S. troops “captured and compromised” Osama bin Laden. His announcement drew a massive ovation from the audience.



The new WWE Champion gave a speech about American pride while fans chanted “U-S-A.” He posed with fans while ring announcer Justin Roberts thanked the audience for attending Extreme Rules.

Cena then went on Twitter to comment on the news.

He wrote, “CeNation. Proud day in the war on terror. Many brave soliders made the ultimate sacrifice in hopes of what happened tonight.

“I am not certain if this conflict is over. But tonight was a very very proud moment for the good guys. God bless America.”

President Barack Obama announced Sunday in a dramatic late-night statement at the White House that US forces killed the al Qaida leader in Pakistan and took custody of his remains.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

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