John Cena Announces Firing Of Ex-WWE Champion

John Cena tweeted that WWE released Dolph Ziggler, after several other releases.



WWE is in the mood to release people today, and this time it’s the WWE Superstars. While multiple names have been released as of this writing, one name that stood out was Elias. Elias was one of the big names on the main roster.

The Drifter started off with an NXT run, followed by a call-up to the main roster. His catchphrase ‘WWE stands for Walk With Elias’ went viral and fans loved him for his gimmick. The mere presence of him performing on the guitar made the moment memorable.

Elias even did a character where he played his own younger brother, Ezeke. Kevin Owens and him had a wonderful story, but it was also dropped midway after Elias’ younger brother character went into a medical emergency on the storyline front.

The Drifter took to X/Twitter and was grateful for his time in the WWE. It was something that the fans expected, so no one was surprised when his name came up in the set of releases that happened today.

From Drifting onto the scene..

To WrestleMania with John Cena & The Undertaker..

To Millions around the world for years Walking With Elias..

A #1 ITunes Album

& To being my own younger brother (ZEKE)

while traveling the world..

It’s been a blast.

God is Good!

Notably, Elias went off the record for the WWE as there were no creative plans for him, and no one knew what to do with him. The remarks to Elias’ tweet confirm that the WWE Universe loved his character. He was a fan favourite, but never got his due in the company.

According to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Dolph Ziggler is another superstar that has been released by the WWE. The former World Heavyweight Champion has not been on television or doing anything worthwhile in any capacity. It would be interesting to see how things pan out for him too as part of the mass firings by the WWE.

Do you have any wishes for Elias and Dolph Ziggler? Sound off in the comments.

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