John Cena Called Out Top AEW Star ‘Failure’

John Cena has been one of the highest merchandise sellers in WWE and has greatly impacted the business during his full-time work. But, Paul Wight, who shocked the pro wrestling world after signing with AEW, said that Cena doubted Paul Wight’s ability to sell merchandise.



Paul Wight opens up on John Cena

Since his arrival in AEW, Wight has been working as part of the AEW commentary team and is certainly having a great time there. He will soon make his return to the squared circle. Wight recently recalled working in WWE for over two decades as The Big Show and has worked with several WWE stars during his time there, including Cena.  WWE NXT Full Spoilers Stun Adam Cole Fans

While speaking on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Paul Wight claimed that Cena repeatedly told him that Wight couldn’t sell merchandise as nobody would want to buy any.

He revealed:

“Don’t put it on my shirt cause even John Cena said I can’t sell merch so there you go. He used to tease me all the time, Cena used to say if my merch was money, nobody would buy it. I said ‘because I’m too busy making you look good.’ Bad guys sell tickets and good guys sell t-shirts, so there you go.”

Paul Wight is scheduled to make his in-ring debut soon at All Out against QT Marshall.

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