John Cena comments on match with Roman Reigns

John Cena recently did a Q&A session on Twitter, during which he was asked about a possible match against Roman Reigns and Cena gave a very interesting reply to it.



A fan asked Cena if he would like to work with the ‘Big Dog’ Roman Reigns anytime soon. Replying to which the Cenation leader said that he’d like to prove the belief of Reigns, that WWE is his yard, wrong:

This is not the first time John has expressed the desire to compete with Roman Reigns. In an interview last month, he claimed that he is looking forward to facing Roman Reigns.

It’s worth noting here that before Roman Reigns’ big announcement this week; there were some rumours that the former 16-time world Champion may face the former Shield member at SummerSlam.

While those rumours have since been confirmed to be wrong, the new Free Agent Status of John Cena has increased the possibilities of a feud between the two stars in near future which looked less likely after the Brand Split.

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