John Cena Comments on Working 10 Years with WWE

It has been ten years since John Cena made his WWE debut, as Cena’s first televised match was on June 27, 2002.



Cena thanked his fans today writing, “Thank u everyone for this mornings well wishes. It truly means the world. #hustleloyaltyrespect”

Cen was asked during an interview with if he ever thought he would become such a role model for children.

“No, and that’s the thing I’m most flattered by,” Cena replied. “If you look at who I was four, six years ago, I was pretty racy. I was the king of ‘pipe bombs’ before ‘pipe bombs’ were invented. I consciously knew our product, I consciously saw our audience, and I made a decision that I’d live my life by a certain set of ideals, that I was just going forward in this direction. Whoever was with me was with me, and we’d go from there. It ended up being a good deal.

“I’m very flattered when I meet parents – whether it’s Make-A-Wish or parents with their kids on the street – and they’re like, ‘Hey, thanks for letting us watch WWE. You’re a very good role model. Just keep doing what you’re doing.'”

Cena also revealed that he has Ric Flair’s record of 16 world title reigns in his sights.

“I know the number 16 [Ric Flair’s total of World Championship reigns] is put on a pedestal, and I’m quite a ways away from that. But that would be something to shoot for. And when or if 16 happens, or number 17 happens, then 20 becomes the number to shoot for. That’s what I love about doing this.”

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