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John Cena confirmed for Suicide Squad movie

John Cena is currently busy with his work in Hollywood. After the massive success of Bumblebee, Cena will now star in another big movie.

James Gunn confirmed that John Cena will be in the new Suicide Squad film. While his role was not confirmed, it was said that he received a role that Batista was initially offered.

It was rumored that Cena will be playing the role of “Peacemaker”, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. Regardless of what role he plays, Cena will do a good job.

  • Mr.Yoda

    I know how funny and serious different person. I like Cena is a bad guy

  • Mr.Yoda

    He was hilarious but he should badass becomes Peacemaker

  • Mr.Yoda
  • Luke

    Aw come on, he was great in Blockers

  • Objective “Reporting” at its finest.

  • CC

    But he hardly has a huge resume of big budget movies. A small cameo in Daddy’s home, a bigger role in the sequel and of course Bumblebee. Nothing there suggests he would be good in a role as complex as Peacemaker.
    I don’t know if they will go down the exact same path as the comic books, but Peacemaker was a more psychotic version of the Punisher,

  • Sparti Love

    He hasn’t really done bad yet because he plays himself

  • CC

    “Regardless of what role he plays, Cena will do a good job.”
    And you know this how?