John Cena considers Brock Lesnar the best in-ring performer of all time

John Cena did not make an appearance during the Royal Rumble. During the Men’s Royal Rumble, Brock Lesnar certainly showcased his dominance by eliminating 13 men in a row.



John Cena spoke to Sports Illustrated, where he said that he watched the Royal Rumble while at home. He loved the match and then praised Brock Lesnar. He called him “the best in-ring performer of all time.”

I’m proud to say I watched the Royal Rumble from my own home on the WWE Network and I thought the event, and especially the Rumble, was absolutely awesome, so if you watched from Houston or if you were in the audience it really didn’t seem like I was missed.

I thought the event was extra special. It was great to be able to watch it as a fan and not endure any fear of missing out and just enjoy the event. And I can say with the utmost sincerity that I believe Brock Lesnar is best in-ring performer that I’ve seen and I know it’s an opinion, and if you want a cool quote, here it is: I think he’s the best in-ring performer of all time.

I thought his performance at the Rumble was a clinic on how to establish yourself, how to establish those around you, establish the championship, establish the importance of one event. He did so in less than 30 minutes, and I certainly don’t have the skill set to do that,  and it was awesome to be able to see a masterclass man put on a clinic on what to do and how to do it and I was really impressed with the Rumble.

Cena and Brock have squared off in the past and he knows how talented the Beast is. He certainly has respect for Lesnar.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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