John Cena Criticized Over Patriotic Remark, Vickie Guerrero Steamed On Facebook

— John Cena drew criticism on Twitter on Saturday after posting a pro-America remark.



He wrote, “CeNation. I know most have a long weekend this week. While you’re having fun remember those who have kept this country free.”

Hours later, Cena retweeted an expletive-laden remark directed towards him. He wrote in response, “CeNation. Welcome to my life. You don’t love it…leave it man. I damn proud of all those men and women. On memorial day weekend. Classy. Very classy. Sorry guys. We all have our limits. That sent me over the line.”

He then retweeted another one of his follower’s remarks: “@shmikemike You’re pathetic. You’re right John Cena sucks big time and is a ****** performer, but no need to insult our troops like that.”

Cena self-deprecatingly wrote in response, “You see. That is the way to insult someone. Not bad mr knight. I’ve heard much worse but not bad. :)”

— Vickie Guerrero remarked last Thursday on her Facebook account (shortly after plugging the account on Twitter) that her boyfriend, who was also her personal trainer, cheated on her. She wrote the status update in response to her friends’ hearsay.

A steamed Guerrero wrote, “Enough of the private messages, of he said/she said!!! Im going to set things straight!! I am single now and it was my decision! (name withheld)…aka trainer/”boyfriend” was cheating on me with (name withheld). I was disgusted to know that she is married with kids! Been there, lived it before, and I am done with that bullshit…period!”

She deleted the message a short while later.

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