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John Cena doesn’t think WWE can create top stars at the moment

  • Dirt McGirt

    Like who what? The last star they created was Cena. People who left for Hollywood? Rock, Cena; Austin has done some stuff. Who has heated up only to be crushed? Lynch, Ryder, and Rusev come to mind. Lynch not as much, but you can’t argue that have cooled her WAY down in the last year.

  • Raptors Post Game Talk

    WWE is prioritizing “good wrestling matches” over developing storylines and characters. And they are pushing sjw agendas. Based on what I have observed from fans like you is that you love it when Indy promotions push all that garbage. If you are okay with that stuff you are part of the problem. If you are not okay with all that, then we are on the same side and WWE is the problem. As for Reigns, that is the fans fault. Everytime WWE would push him fans like you would boo him mercilessly and kill all his momentum, and make WWE change their plans at the last minute.

    People would probably love to watch NJPW and AAA, problem is most people don’t know where they can watch these show because they have no way to access their content, other than for free. And that will not help those companies grow and compete with bigger promotions. And NJPW got kicked off a TV network for bringing poor ratings, so they are a well known company they are well known for being a failure. And I have seen AJ in TNA, he was alright. He wasn’t a great as you are trying to make him out to be.

    Yes, I defended Cena. So what? Just like most people, the only thing I remember Punk for was the pipebomb. And I was watching wrestling when he was around. And for someone who is supposedly great he main evented 5/16 ppv’s during his 434 day long title reign. Cena was still main evening without the title. Punk brought the ratings down as champion. Finally Punk only got over because he was facing Cena, and the storyline was centered around fans being tired of Cena being at the top. Anybody would have done well in that situation if they had the freedom to be themselves like Punk did.

    Bryan got over because of the storyline. The underdog overcoming the odds, a storyline fans like you hated when Cena was playing the underdog. He never went anywhere because he could never stay healthy. Why would a company put stock in someone who couldn’t be around consistently. He didn’t prove anything, he was a Benoit rip off. And just like with Benoit, fans would have lost interest in Bryan because the storyline of him chasing the title was over. Now he had to prove he was a credible heavyweight champion, which would have been impossible because his matches wouldn’t have been believable and he wasn’t a HEAVYWEIGHT.

    People understand the limits of the human body. That’s why they understand why UFC and Boxing have WEIGHT CLASSES. The fans suspension of disbelief will disappear if the see a cruiser weight beating up a heavyweight because it is not a realistic situation for most people. Flipping around and doing 450 splashes doesn’t happen in real fights, that is why cruiser weights and light heavyweights have a hard time getting over. When most fans watch wrestling the want to see a fight, not performance arts. All Punk, Bryan and AJ did was lower the standard for what it means to be a top star.

  • Raptors Post Game Talk

    WWE doesn’t know what to give you because you keep giving them mixed signals about what you want. That was stated in this article.

    WWE is making good wrestling matches the priority over storyline and character development. Is that not what NJPW and AAA do as well? If you believe that good wrestling matches should be the priority, then WWE is listening to people like you. If you don’t think that way, then we are on the same side and I agree the WWE isn’t listening to the fans. Also people like you cost Reigns a great career because, people like you would hijack shows and boo him everytime WWE tried to push him and it would kill his momentum.

    Where can I watch NJPW and AAA so people can help support the company grow and make money to compete with WWE? Because the only way people can watch these promotions is for free and that doesn’t help them. And didn’t NJPW get kicked off of all access or access TV because they couldn’t bring in good ratings? And does AAA even have a TV deal? Yeah, that really help your argument that they are relevant promotions. And I saw AJ in TNA, he was OK. He wasn’t as great as you are trying to make him out to be.

    I defended Cena. What’s the problem? Cena was the major reason why Punk got over. People got tired of Cena and they wanted something new, the fans would have taken anyone. The the story surrounding the match, the prestige of beating the almost unbeatable super Cena, and the possible hope for change is what got Punk over. After that had an over year long title reign, barely main evented ppv’s and the ratings started to decline. Cena was still the top guy even without the title. Cena vs Lauranitis main evented over the limit in 2012 over Punk vs Bryan for the WWE title. Punk only main evented 5/16 ppv’s as champion. You claim that he is great at everything and that others wrestlers say the same, but reality shows a different story.

    Bryan had the same gimmick as Cena, and underdog overcoming the odds. He would literally hulk up, no sell, beat guys twice his size, and was not believable. At least Cena looked like a threat to make his matches believable. Oh and it’s my fault as well as fans like me that Bryan was not believable as a World champion. Also we were worried about the health and safety of Bryan. Unlike people like you who wanted him to fight in UFC, with a neck injury, and possibly die just to entertain you. And Bryan also got over because of the storyline of him being “held back”. They were also replacing Benoit with Bryan, look at how eerily similar their wrestlemania match and post match were. There was a good chance he wouldn’t be as over after he won the belt because, the thing that got him over was following his journey to become champion.

    Finally, you don’t know what actual wrestling is or who should be carrying the company. Why? Because you don’t know how wrestling is viewed by most of the world. No one is going to believe that someone like Bryan, Punk or AJ would have a legit shot at beating someone like a Lesnar. The have seen UFC and boxing and understand why there are weight classes separating people. The understand biology. If people see a match between Lesnar and Bryan, and if that match goes on for too long, people are going to tune out when their suspension of disbelief is broken. People don’t do flips and 450 splashes in real fights, that is why cruiserwieghts and light heavyweights have trouble getting over and being taken seriously. If wrestling companies divided wrestlers up into weight classes that would help with people taking the product more seriously and tuning in more often because things are more believable. Those 3 could be top stars if the competed in a more realistic setting. But as of right now they have lowered the standard of what it means to be a top guy. They look like any average dude walking on the street. It’s not their fault, it is just how they are viewed by most people. There really isn’t much that makes them stand out. You can talk about what they are good at until you are blue in the face but, most people look at wrestling like any other TV show. The stars have to have “the look” in order to catch their eye, and then they will appreciate the other talents they have to offer as time goes on.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I mean this as no disrespect, because I dont know you…. but you’re an idiot or 8 years old if you believe anything you just said.

    Because what WWE wants, is not what the fans want. WWE is force feeding us BS, that nobody wants. It has cost Reigns a great career.

    So NJPW and AAA are all failed prmotions?! I’m assuming you only watch WWE, which is way your opinion is outdated and extremely misinformed. And he did everything to make those companies relevant, try watching his time in any company.

    And you’re really defending Cena…. hahahahahahaha. Cena sold merchandise to children and was the face of the company for a very long time. You dont remember anything else Punk did?! Did you even watch wrestling around that time?! He out MOCA’s every single person in the company, something SCSA, Booker T and countless other wrestlers have state .

    And the reason DB got over, was because of actual fans like me. But he never went anywhere because of fans like you lol. You have no clue what actual wrestling is or who should be carrying that company. I give you the injury prone thing, for sure though! But again, he was not only deserving, but proved it every single night.

  • Raptors Post Game Talk

    Those 3 overhyped mid-carders are nowhere near the top of any category when it comes to defining greatest wrestlers of all time.

    There have been better mic workers and better crowd reactions over the years. And those crowd reactions were out of respect for the wrestlers and from the enjoyment of the show. The reactions Punk, Bryan and Styles got were from people hijacking shows and disrupting the flow of storyline and character development, all because “fans” like you didn’t get what you wanted from WWE.

    AJ did such a good job keeping TNA alive that the company had to sign old WWE and WCW guys in order to keep the company relevant. And wow, he wrestled all over the world for a long time working for more failed promotions. Wrestling all over the means nothing when he did nothing to make those companies relevant. And yes, him working for failed promotions is a relevant talking point because if he was “great” then why couldn’t he help make those companies relevant to a main stream audience, and have them competing with WWE when they were good?

    CM Punk was loooooooong over? OK, sure. That’s why he barely main evented ppv’s and didn’t cut a promo that was as memorable as the pipe bomb. Cena, even though people hated him, was still out selling Punk in merch and drew better ratings. A sloppy round house kick, almost always botching the gts and basically phoning it in because he didn’t get his way, really shows off how great he was in ring. I at least agree with you that Punk had his head up his own ass.

    Bryan had the same gimmick as Cena, he was an underdog that overcame the odds. He wasn’t a rare commodity, you could find a bunch of small guys that could do fake looking kicks. Seth Rollins and Cesaro were allowed to go all out and they were over. Stop making that excuse that he was being held back. He couldn’t go with anyone and have a believable match because all he could do was kick people. Yeah he was over, for a little bit, and the momentum stopped because he couldn’t stay healthy. Maybe going 110% all of the time was not a good idea.

    You also have to account for attendance, ratings, and merchandise sales. There have been guys who have dominated these areas better than Punk, Bryan and AJ ever could. And again, as well as mic, technical and crowd reactions. So stop overrating these guys.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Like who?

  • Kristopher Robinson

    You listed 3 of the tops guys in the world, in all categories; mic, technical and crowd reaction. In their prime, there is not a single wreslter in the US, that can hang with Punk or Bryan or Styles.

    And Stlyes being in a “failed” promotion, has nothing to do with with anything. Styles kept that TNA alive for a very long time. Theres no comparison to how good Styles was/is. That’s why hes been doing this for so long, all over the world and any wreslter will tell you that.

    Punk was over, lllooonnnggg before the pipe bomb promo. Again, his skills on the mic and in the ring, were unstoppable with the roster of his era. He couldn’t be touched. He had Bret Hart syndrome though and couldn’t keep his head out of his own ass. But there no denying that he wasnt one of the best in the world, of any generation. Again, ask any wrestler that.

    Bryan is and always will be a rare commodity. He was over with the fans because he gave it 110%. He has great mat skills, great mic skills and could go with Mysterio to the Big Show. He was even being held back because of how over he was and how he could go on the mat. You want to classify that as, dumb luck, then so be it. But any wrestler or fan would argue and be right.

  • Raptors Post Game Talk

    I’m delusional? All WWE has been pushing is Indy guys. They have been pandering to people like you, and you are never satisfied with what they do. But praise other promotions when they do the same thing. What about Styles, Bryan and Punk make them top stars? It takes more than being good in the ring to be a top star. Also Becky is a top ratings killer, people are turning on her, and she was never a big enough star for people to care about.

  • CC

    If you think they have listened to the fans, then you are delusional, especially as you do not think Styles, Bryan and Punk are not top stars. And Lynch has been one of the top baby faces in recent memory.

  • Raptors Post Game Talk

    They have listened to the fans, that is why WWE is in this current state. Did you not read the article?

    And all the people you listed are not top stars. Punk cut one good promo, Bryan could never stay healthy, Kofi is only know for how he prevents himself from being eliminated from the Royal Rumble, AJ was a “top star” in failing Indy promotions, and Becky is not believe as a badass.

  • CC

    There is no difficulty in creating top guys if WWE actually listened to their audience. Look at the popularity of Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and AJ Styles for instance. The crowd are so behind them it is crazy, but look how badly WWE then handles them. It is not about not being able to create stars, it is about WWE consistantly failing to push talent properly unless they make them themselves.
    Look how badly they nearly dropped the ball with Becky Lynch when they turned her heel.
    And look at Kofi Kingston who had huge amounts of support from fans, then WWE relented by putting the belt on him which initially looked great, but then they gave him some of the worst booking they could do, always making him feel like he was less important than every other feud going on around him, then fed him to Lesnar and then booked him acting like he never even held the title.

    It is not difficult to create new stars, WWE just don’t know how to anymore.
    The best stars from the past got over organically themselves, then WWE got behind them. Do that now and WWE will bury them because they are not the people they want over.

  • Dirt McGirt

    Create top stars now? They haven’t created a top star in the last fifteen years. Vince says “we make movies!” and then gets pissed off when his tops acts leave for more money in Hollywood, so anytime some one starts to heat up, he crushes their momentum.