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John Cena Encountered By Former TNA Star, WrestleMania Updates On Facebook

— Former TNA Wrestling talent Kim “Desire” Nielsen, who lost 118 pounds on the latest season of The Biggest Loser, stated Wednesday on Facebook that she ran into John Cena at Los Angeles International Airport. She posted a photo of her daughter with the WWE Superstar.

— WWE has launched an official WrestleMania page on Facebook. Next year’s event takes place on April 7, 2013 in East Rutherford, New Jersey at MetLife Stadium.

— WWE will hold a Raw live event on August 11, 2012 at Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi. John Cena, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Kane and Lord Tensai headline.

— The former Bella Twins have been announced to appear at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con on Sunday, June 3. The event takes place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center 1101 Arch St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • shawn

    @MJ beat me to it. he was a Hart Dungeon student from my understanding.

  • MJ

    Kidd isn’t related to Bret hart but he is dating Nattie

  • voice of reason

    @ mark your right there.

    @ nick i don’t have a problem with kidd it just gets a touch annoying reading every post you place up “push tyson kidd” or “get tysn kidd on raw” alot of people find that type of repitition a bit annoying.

  • Mark

    @Jimbo. You are absolutely right. I have stopped watching any wrestling programming (WWE or TNA) because neither promotion cares about is fans anhmore. I do still follow everyones comments on this site though. They are hilarious. I m looking forward to a turn around because I grew up watching pro wrestling with my dad and i would love to see the product be like it was again. i miss the fun. right now you only see five guys in both promotions and i miss seeing a good show, not all the backstage “drama” I want the fun the excitement back. until then keep comment folks because YOU are the only good thing about pro wrestling right now. THE FANS

  • Jimbo

    We know Tyson Kidd is good. No one here cares that you want on him on TV. No one in WWE is going to see it. Nor would they give a shit since WWE doesn’t give a shit about what the fans want.

  • reverse prince albert

    @ gorilla cena is a fucking faggot, and i get he made desire strap it on so cena could eat a pillow

  • Myers

    She was the chick who was with Sonny Sione in TNA right? Good christ I am glad she is back to a slimmer weight, she looked awful.

  • Gorilla

    According to facebook will see Rock vs Brock at mania 29 so im guessing it will be Cena vs Taker also

  • JohnCena33

    Nick u and tyson kidd suck. The only reason kidd is in wwe is because he is related to bret hart. Nick you should be banned for your repetitive comments. Now i am going to tell you why kidd sucks. He is slow, has no connection with crowd, cant do high rope moves, and cant capitalize on pushes.

  • kitkrock

    kidd sucks. push marcus cor von instead, vince.

  • nick

    Okay, Im gonna tell you all why I have been posting Tyson Kidd everywhere. I don’t know if you guys know, but Tyson Kidd is really good in ring, and to be honest most of you would be impressed. He can take people down using speed, powerhouse, and high flyer. Hes a really good talent. The only reason why he isnt popular with the WWE crowds is because people only know him as “the guy whos related to bret hart” Whos fault is that? Not his. He cant just go out there and say something if he isnt told to. He just like every other superstar is scrpited. There are only a few people that can say whatever they want, and sometimes part of it is scripted because they have been doing it for so long and know what to do, for example John Cena, Undertaker, HHH, and CM Punk. If WWE didn’t give Cena matches on a main show (Smackdown/RAW) do you think he would really be where he is today? With all respect to Cena and the hard work he does the answer is simply No. If it wasnt for the matches he was given, and the scripts he was given he wouldnt have been able to connect to the crowd by just working a match at live events. He was given the chance to try to connect with the crowd, and when he tried he was succussful. I dont understand why WWE signs wrestlers like Tyson Kidd, that have very high talent ranks, and than dont use him. Give the guy a chance please. If you need to see a match to see how good he is, search some old stuff before the WWE, but a good match is Kidd vs Yoshi on Superstars. It showcases Tysons speed, power, High flying moves, submission. Really? When was the last time you seen Cena Use all those in one of his matches. Please Help me help Tyson Kidd, and dont dislike my comments. I promise as soon as he is given a chance I will apolize for my comments and stop them.

    Thanks Everyone. Support Kidd !

  • nick

    trying to get a job in wwe haha, but good for her for losing weight