John Cena on fans hurting his feelings with their response

You never know how a crowd will receive John Cena, but one thing is for sure whenever Big Match John makes his entrance every person in the building is going to make their opinion known in some way. While most people are happy to see him for various reasons whether he’s their hero or they just respect him others just plain don’t like him to this day.



It has to be a confusing experience because even when fans chant “you suck” it could mean people still really love him. John Cena recently spoke to Bleacher Report where he went into some of the interesting dynamics he faces while doing what he does best: never giving up.

But when asked how often fans hurt his feelings his reply was simple: “Every day. And I can only imagine being a young person who’s bullied. I remember back to my days as a teenager. When you get your feelings hurt, you feel that moment of embarrassment. You think: ‘No one wants to talk to me ever again. It’s all over.’ I reassure people that’s totally not the case. These [bullies] are just hateful people doing hateful things. Sometimes, it’s a lesson in tough love, but you keep positive, smile in the face of hateful adversity and move on. It makes you a stronger person.”

Cena knows he is booed by a lot of fans, but he went into what gives him the ability to hear all of that negativity and keep going strong.

“I’ve always taken any sort of audible response as a compliment, and I always understand it is our consumers’ right and privilege to say whatever they want at our events. So as long as there’s no silence, I’ll keep being excited. But that stuff in the arenas is one thing. The comments on the internet—the obnoxious, visceral comments—are baffling to me. I just don’t know why that’s the way it is.”

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