John Cena & Goldberg ‘Pulled’ From Raw

WWE has their own ways when it comes to ‘scamming’ fans out of money for tickets. In fact, many times, WWE will run promos and comercials making it look like a superstar will be there only to not have that superstar show up that night. This has just happened again as it pertains to WWE Raw. Roman Reigns Wife Swimsuit Photo Stuns Fans.



WWE made it appear like Goldberg and John Cena would be on Raw, even putting Goldberg in a graphic with Bobby Lashley and MVP. Goldberg didn’t appear at all on the show and John Cena didn’t show until after the show went off air, winning a tag match with Matt Riddle.

To recap on Lashley’s segment on Raw: Lashley and MVP came out so the WWE champion could respond to the challenge issued by Goldberg last week. MVP asked the crowd to show some respect and made a joke about Tom Brady to get some cheap heat right away. The crowd tried to drown out MVP with Goldberg chants. Lashley said he refused to dignify Goldberg’s challenge with a response. This brought out Cedric Alexander.

He said Lashley kicked him out of The Hurt Business because he knew Alexander was better than him. Shelton Benjamin arrived and said almost the same thing. MVP tried to say this was beneath Lashley before the champ agreed to fight them at the same time. The All Mighty took control immediately and threw Alexander out of the ring so he could focus on Benjamin.

The former tag team partners worked together to take the champ down, but they couldn’t pin him even with both of them making the cover at once. Lashley destroyed them after he got back to his feet. He hit Benjamin with Goldberg’s signature Jackhammer before slamming Alexander on top of him for the pin.

Dustin Schumacher
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